In August 2008 the jeweler's house of David and Sybil Yurman will include a new fragrant jewel of their portfolio. It is a women's fragrance, floral-chypre, created in cooperation with Harry Fermont of Firmenich.

The signature fragrance David Yurman Fragrance brings wafts of mandarin, and fresh green notes of black currant leaf and petals, followed by floral notes of peony, water lily, rose otto, patchouli, exotic woods and musk. This composition is not pyramidal; its aromas interlace and add to each other. The intention behind the composition of this fragrance was not to accentuate one note, neither to characterize the scent by some of ingredients, but to smell all the notes at the same time.

The fragrance will be available as EDP in 50ml (1.7 fl.oz.) and 75ml ( 2.6 fl.oz.) sizes, with matching scented 200ml (6.9 fl.oz.) body cream.

David Yurman Perfume by David Yurman, The iconic jeweler has his own fragrance! everything from the jewel like bottle to the choice of a statement making stopper, which was inspired by his own wedding band, is elegant and refined . The fragrance is a refined chypre floral for women, composed by perfumer harry fremont. Unlike many fragrances that follow a formula of top notes, heart notes and base notes (the pyramid), the scent was designed to interlock, weave and waft without structure,

The bottle for this fragrant jewel was designed by David Lipman, creative director of Yurman's house. The idea was to capture the fragrant liquid into a gemstone shaped bottle. The bottle consists of plastic-lined inner piece enclosed in Italian crystal shell, with sculpted gold cap reminiscent of Yurman Cable Collection of jewelry. The bottle neck is created in a form of Yurman's wedding band.

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