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Why I did not receive my order?

  • To know your real time order status please login to your account
  • If you still did not find any track of your order, due to any circumstances, kindly contact the customer support immediately.

How can I Replace/Return my product on eQatar.com?

(Request should be submitted within 72 hours after delivery)

  • Login to your account and go to "My Orders". 
  • Select your order and click on the Replace/Return button. 
  • Fill in the required details. 
  • Once we receive the request, it will be processed as soon as possible.

How do I cancel my order?

(Request should be submitted prior to delivery)

  • Login to your account and go to "My Orders".
  • Select your order and click on the Cancel button.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Once we receive the request, it will be processed as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay shipping or delivery charges?

Shipping and Delivery charges are published on each product page. The charges will vary depending on your location. For many products on eQatar, the shipping and delivery is provided free of cost.

I purchased a product on eQatar. When my order will be processed?

Once your order is confirmed, we will send you the tracking details through E-mail.

How do I track my order status?

You can track your order status by logging into your account

How would I get the refund of "Cash on Delivery" payment?

We will refund your payment directly to your given location Or we can also deposit on your given bank account.

  • Bank Name
  • Account Holder Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Branch Address
  • IBAN No

When will I receive my refund?

You will receive the refund as your product cancellation request is approved. (Within 5-7 Working days)

What should I do if my package is tampered, opened or incorrect product upon delivery?

Please do not accept the package, and request the eQatar.com delivery person to return back and request for a new product.

What if my product is damaged?

You have to check and inspect the product upon delivery before signing a receiving form. (After signing a receving form by you, the product will not be returned or replaced).

If you find a product is damaged or broken, do not accept the package and request for replacement.

Why did I receive a partial order?

Rarely this happens but It depends on the availability of products in our nearest warehouse, in this case we deliver to you all available products immediately and process your pending products as soon as possible. In case we are not able to deliver the pending products you will be refunded immediately.

How may I know if eQatar will deliver to my location?

You will be notified by email.

I was not available on my location during the delivery time. How can I reschedule the delivery?

You will receive a call from eQatar logistic department to setup an delivery time. In case you are not available on your location, we will reschedule your delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We don't ship internationally

What is the shipping cost internationally?

We do not offer International Shipping.

Why my order is cancelled?

Due to two reasons order may get cancelled:-

  • Product out of stock or discontinued
  • Errors or Inaccuracies in pricing and other information

* Note:- You can contact our customer support to know more about your order cancellation.

The apparel I purchased does not match the size, can I get it replaced?

Yes, you can replace within 3 days of the receipt of your order by contacting our support
as per our replacement policy for apparel and footwear.

The apparel I purchased is not a good quality, can I get it replaced/return?

Yes, you can replace/return within 3 days of the receipt of your order by contacting our support as per our replacement/return policy for apparel and footwear.

When will I receive my replacement?

Once we receive your replacement request, our team will inspect, if it meets eQatar's replacement policy and process. You will receive an e-mail notification with estimated delivery date. It depends on customer location.

What if my product replacment order is sold out?

Your request will be processed only if the product is in stock. If Not, then refund will be initiated after your confirmation.

What are the modes of payment for shopping on eQatar.com?

We accept the following modes of payment:

  • Debit/Credit Cards/Netbanking of all major banks
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Credit Card EMI

What is COD?

COD stands for "Cash On Delivery".

Do you accept COD (Cash On Delivery) for all products?

It depens but, COD is mentioned on the product page, due to some reasons COD may not be available for certain products. (Please view your product page for payment options).

What should I do if my transaction failed and funds are deducted from my account?

Please contact our support and submit your transaction failed request.

How do I sell my products on eQatar.com?

You need to apply a "Become a Seller form" Click here to apply. (it takes 2 working days to review your application and we will notify you via email.

How do I contact customer care support?

You can contact our customer care support by clicking "Contact Us" page.